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The Giants and the enanitos: Children song and Story

This subject comprises of one of didactic Musical Stories of the book and CD Batucado, where smallest they will learn through him the meaning of FORTE and piano through these funny characters. There were once in a valley some Giant that always sounded FORTE and some enanitos that sounded piano. Every morning left the Giants, with very great steps singing this song: €œA great Giant I am, walking Strong I go At night€ while the Giants slept, they left the enanitos with very tiny steps. They sang: €œWhen falling the night they leave the enanitos already, with always smooth steps and thus never to be seen€ a day the Giant was with the enanito very scared behind the tree and it told him to the enanito,€ you are not scared enanito, together we will sing a song in which you sing piano and I Forte and I always took root will remember to us: €œThe giants leave very hard touching, with always great steps singing this song, and the enanitos sound very verily low, with steps chiquititos, run without stopping€

Children music
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