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Christmas of the Mariposita - Official - children Songs

Tiny butterfly (Letter): Tiny butterfly you come to salute We will sing carols because today it is Christmas tiny Butterfly flies outside the rosal Ven to see whichever joy because today it is Christmas Butterfly what sphere, tiny and bewitching When in the middle of the flowers I am looking for that tiny Butterfly wants to me looks at the tree that when shining shares its joy to Us because today it is Christmas tiny Butterfly flies outside the rosal Ven to see whichever joy because today it is Christmas Butterfly what sphere, tiny and bewitching When in the middle of the flowers I am looking for that tiny Butterfly wants to me you come to salute We will sing carols because today it is Christmas tiny Butterfly flies outside the rosal Ven to see whichever joy because today it is Christmas

Children music
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Children songs with Spanish Blippi | Educational videos For Children


Compiled of 30 min of the children songs of Fixed Pinion that more reproductions had in YouTube.

It learns the Colors | Children songs and Songs To count of Dave and Ava


®, and Super Simple Spanish

„¢they are brands by€¦


Mix Children Music - the Best Children Songs To dance

Songs: - The Cirilo Crocodile - the Elephant and the Spider - Rainbow - Pok©mon Go - Le³n Divertido - I have a Wrist Dressed Blue -€¦


Children songs - the best children songs

The best children songs in a single video: Pinocho, the chicks say peep skewbald, Pin Pon, an elephant balanced themselves, We play in the forest, My€¦


That rains, that rains! Teler­n family. Children songs for Children.

€œThat rains, that rains€ it is a traditional song for children who have been sung themselves of generation in generation. If you like Pocoy³, Dora€¦


Masha and the Bear - Children Songs 2017

Masha wants to eat some sweet, but before it must transform the kitchen of the Bear into a caramel factory. As all we know, a full candy life€¦


It learns Knowledge of means. Video long play.

It enjoys this video long play for children. An ideal material so that the children refresh and learn on knowledge of means. €¦

cantajuego-the-he flows

The Noah's Ark and more children songs long play

It enjoys this video long play for children. A full resource of classic and present children songs. A easy and funny way of€¦

good-day-the-song-with-the-that-self-wake up-everything-the-children

The Canine Patrol - Song of Passover Hop, hop, hop - Cartoons for Children

Dance and song of €œHop, Hop, Hop€ sung by the puppies during the preparations of the search of Easter eggs.


CantaJuego - I flowed It

The moment has arrived for amusing with our friendly of the Group Enchantment and with this song that cannot lack in any children celebration. The children and€¦


The song of Good morning. It wakes up with Babyradio

In Babyradio we give you good morning, every morning you will be able to be waked up with this funny one and cheers song. It arrives that the morning begins€¦.


Amarillito chick - Hen Pintadita 1 - videos for babies

My amarillito chick In the palm of my hand Of my hand When she wants to eat bichitos scratches the floor with its piecitos He flutters Very€¦


To play children Applaud-Song

It enjoys this new song for children, easy to sing and easy to dance. To play to applaud will help smallest taking€¦

the-song-del-genie-pedrito-be-able-of-encontrarlo-she plays

Bartolito - the Songs of the Farm of Zen³n 3

A new video of Songs of Farm 3 arrives at the Children Kingdom. I do not forget to give him Likes and to share it with all friendly. Interpreter: Pair€¦


In a forest of China the chinita was lost, children songs

Letter: In a forest of China the chinita was lost as I walked lost we were Era both at night and the chinita were scared,€¦


The Pedrito genie, children music

It sings with Babyradio. It discovers where the Pedrito Genie hides. You will be able to find it? Song for children. Children music to dance and€¦

- it bleats

The best thing of the best thing, songs and fairytales

The best children songs in a single video, Pinocho, the laughter of the vowels, Susanita have a mouse, Pin pon is a doll, Small birds to dance,€¦

song-my-uncle-the-veterinarian-for-boy-sing-and-it dances

The Lola Cow and the Tractor of the farm, children songs

Loved young the Lola cow it presents his new song to us. Pure diversion with our charmer Lola and his buddies of the farm


We go to the bed - educative Songs for children

Mon the dragoon accompanies the children to the bed. It discovers an funny way to change the rate of the day and to begin the trip to the country pillow. €¦


My Uncle Mario Veterinario - Children Songs of the Zoo

My Uncle Mario Veterinario - Children Songs of the Zoo. A song to know animal and to discover its care and attention. It sings and it dances with€¦


The car of Papa

The papa car, a song so that all the together family enjoys. A full subject of joy and diversion You rise our car?


Children song of the family finger - Music for children

The song of the family sings with Mon the dragoon finger. An ideal resource to use at home or at school. Mon teaches the deditos to us to rate of this€¦


Five monitos | And many more children songs

The song of the five monitos, a very funny way to learn the numbers at the same time as it is sung and is danced.


Solecito sun, Moon lunera - children Songs

Solecito sun Warms up to me just a little bit, for today for morning by all the week tinkling Moon lunera five chicks and one calf Caracol,€¦


The Patita Lulu, children songs

The PATITA LULU children songs Lulu LETTER is one patita that is very funny, all day is laughed to outbursts of laughter. With his €œcuac, cuac, cuac€ by€¦


Pin pon is a doll - Folksong

We for kids remember folksongs and for the majors. Pin Pon is a doll is one of the most popular songs of the childhood.

song-children-of-the-animal-a-friend-me-I embosom

Children songs, the best thing of the best thing

The best children songs in a single video, Pinocho, the laughter of the vowels, Susanita have a mouse, Pin pon is a doll, Small birds to dance,€¦


Song Gracias Profe - Mon the dragoon

Choreography of the song €œGracias Profe€ Sings and dances with Mon the dragoon with and its friendly. An funny and touching song that speaks to us of€¦


Children song of the animal - a friend taught to me

He learns with this funny song that sound the animal do. The dog says wow, the cat says miau, the duck says cua! and the fish says glu!


The song of the laughter - children Choreography

It sings and it dances with Babyradio the song of the laughter. With this video you will be able to learn his choreography and to enjoy dancing Mon the dragoon and his€¦


It learns to add - It practices the sum

Mon the dragoon teaches to us to add and to practice the sum. An ideal resource to help the children who are home to add. Of a easy way and€¦


The Patio of my house - children Song - children Music

Children folksong. To popular spanish song for kids. Have to Nice tricks out of dancing! THE PATIO OF MY CASA. The patio of my house is particular, when€¦


The song of Orlando the squid - children Music

It discovers to Orlando the brave squid through this song for children of children music. It sings and it dances with this children video.


Children Music learns the colors -

Mon the dragoon helps us to learn the colors of easy and simple way. One would be of videos that will teach to the children the basic colors that€¦


Mr. Don Gato - children Music

Mr. Don Gato - Children Song Popular Letter: He was Mr. Don Gato seated in his tile roof, marramiau, miau, miau, seated in his€¦


Education for the equality - children Music

The education for the equality must be a priority between smallest. If we began to an early age we could be able to transform€¦


The vowel learns Or - Song of the vowel Or

She discovers for kids singing the vowel Or. an ideal song of children education. Through this simple melody the children will be discovering€¦


Song the Noah's Ark - children Music

You remember all the animal that raised the Noah's Ark? the crocodile, the elephant€¦ Do you to remember the animals in Noah's Ark? The crocodile,€¦


La Hora de Mon the Dragoon - Program 4

It follows the Mon adventures the dragoon and its Ariel friend by the magical forest of Babyradio. A full history of stories, songs and dances for all the€¦


A friend taught - children Music to me

He dances with Mon the dragoon and its friendly. In this occasion a song dedicated to the friendly worldwide. It enjoys Mon the dragoon and its funny ones€¦

have-two-small hand-music-children

The Noah's Ark - children Song - children Music

It dances with Mon the dragoon and its friendly the famous song of the Noah's Ark. An funny choreography for all the ages. It sings and it dances with Mon and his€¦

the-hour-of-Mon-the-dragoon-program-3-the-magnifying glass

Loosen it of Frozen by Characters of Babyradio

It discovers the song Loosen it! of Frozen, as before you had never listened to it. Our friend ngel Qui±ones versiona imitating the characters€¦


I have two small hands - children Music

Folksong I have two small hands, an children song at home to sing and to dance or the school. Enjoy it your friendly in Children Music!


La Hora de Mon the dragoon - Program 3

In this new chapter of the hour of Mon the Ariel dragoon teaches to Mon a magnifying glass to him. Mon thinks that it is magic and Ariel him sample that is science. You do not lose yourself€¦


Rodolfo el Reno - children Music

A close song of well-known Christmas anywhere in the world, the history of Rodolfo el Reno. It enjoys Christmas Babyradio and children Mºsica!


Pomodoro choro honest - children Music

Mussels in Peru are called choros, and in Peru they also tell him thus to the thieves, nevertheless with this song you will discover that Pomodoro is€¦


Soldier Trifald³n - children Song

Soldier Trifald³n and his I exercise of nuggets face a frightful Navy of ants. A song of Tikitiklip with artisan list€¦.


Tol­n Tol­n Tol¡n - children Song - children Music

A small girl runs after her two wicked shoes that escape of her. A song of Tikitiklip with artisan list. Children song so that€¦


Or Sab£o - Turma do Crist£ozinho - children Music

From 1996 to turma do Crist£ozinho excellent tornou-self uma op§£o for ace crian§as aprenderem or quanto and bom to please ao Senhor. MISSƒO: To use or€¦

the-giant-and-the-enanitos-song-children-and-I count

The BatAmanta and the PijamAmanta - children Music

In the World Epi Epi To never it makes cold because our superheroes, the Batamanta and the Pijamamanta, fight against the cold gentleman and they always win.


Spots - children Song on good dogs

Spots are a very good dog, very handsome but also very wicked. Track the 3 of the disc €œEpis Epi A€ of In©s Saavedra, name to Better Children Album€¦


The Giants and the enanitos: Children song and Story

This subject comprises of one of didactic Musical Stories of the book and CD Batucado, where smallest they will learn through him€¦


The cloud Roberto and sculptor - Story to love the reading

Funny animated fairytale. A story that foments the reading and the imagination of the children next to Roberto, a very anxious boy who wants€¦


La Hora de Mon the dragoon - Program 1

The Dragoon with its Ariel friend enjoys the Mon adventures through this funny chapter of television for children. With him more€¦


The hour of Mon dragoon CAP 1 Part 1

The dragoon discovers the Mon adventures is the forest of Babyradio. A magical place where to live thousands and one adventures, where the children will enjoy€¦


Underneath a button - children Music

We for kids remember folksongs and for the majors. The best folksongs of always for all the family.

the-small house-of-the-note-song-children

My Paquito Donkey - children Song



We will paint the world of colors - children Song

A new song of the series of children songs we will paint the world of colors. In this occasion it will ask to us of what color is a carrot and€¦


The Small house of Notes - children Song

Children song to learn the musical scale with the Notitas de Musicaeduca. Cradle in the notebook €œthe Small house of the Notes€ with which we worked in€¦

the-lounge lizard-music-children

The winter is arriving€¦ with Musiz³n - children Song

Song to receive the Winter. With music and voice of small Vero Kou accompanied by the Mauro and Abril Ramondo, the illustrations of Jos© Rubio€¦

the-race-musical comedy-song-children

Paketu Me Tata - children Music

Official video of the song €œPaketu me tata€ of Attention Attention. Enjoy it your friendly or your family in Children Music!


The Lounge lizard - children Music

Song interpreted by Banda Atenci³n Atenci³n €œthe Lounge lizard€. Enjoy it in children Music next to your friendly and family!


The musical race - children Song

Song to know the musical figures and their duration. Composed by Vero Kou for the method of musical inciaci³n My Keyboard and with€¦


There was a Toad - Attention Attention - children Music

Official video of the new version of the song €œWas a Toad€ of Attention Attention


Wolf of sea - children Song

A story turned into children song inspired by a real fact. It enjoys this history, an ideal song for the children of today.


Patinhos that sabem to tell - children Music you

It experiences this hit song two countries of espanhola LINGUA. Musics infantis traduzidas especially for or Brazil, country onde morei everything minha inf¢ncia€¦.

song-of-Christmas-fly-it flies

To dance Boys - children Song - the dance of the bear

Song of the bear to sing and to dance the one dance, copying the choreography of the dancing bears. In order to amuse itself awhile with you drink them and children€¦

duckling-cuacuacua-the-drink-that-know-to count

The Centipede goes to the school - initial Education

Educative video for initial children, is a video for pre-school where it teaches the concept spaces Ahead and back. This music video for children€¦


Song of Christmas - It flies, Flies

The song to wish Feliz Navidad to our family and friendly. We wish to Merry Christmas singing to our family and friends. Listening more songs€¦

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